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I was fond of mehendi right from when I was just in school, at times when mehendi was applied using sticks. I was very intrigued and passionate for trying out new designs. When I got out of college I realized the growing needs in the industry, so decided to carry on my passion further and started generating revenue as a professional mehendi artist. Firstly started out small and soon scaled up my business from two clients and then up to big events with 100+ clients at a time. I am blessed enough to follow my passion as my career, and now working for many celebrities right now.

I realized that I could also teach this invaluable skill to my students which could benefit from this as well. Currently majority of my team consists of my students which are trained to have their own business and capable to be an independent entity in future. I want to help as many as students I could and want to impact their life in better way.

I'm very happy to follow this journey and I am very much passionate about teaching other people about mehendi. Applying mehendi is not just a skill, but it could enable you to generate revenue throughout your lifetime and also will help in your hard times. I give opportunities for my students to work in events and parties for real world experience. I think by applying mehendi can be a stress buster sometimes and once you start liking it, it won't be work for you anymore it would be just be a creative fun or a hobby for you. I think this is my story with some advice. I wanted to help and impact more and more students as I go by. Thank you for atleast listening to my short story and hope it inspires you as well.

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